Basic Denture Care Instructions For Optimally Maintaining Your New Teeth

Proper denture cleaning techniques are vital for maintaining a healthy and fresh-smelling mouth. Artificial teeth are subject to developing the very same build-ups and odors that natural teeth are. Thus, if you want an attractive smile and breath that does not offend, you will need to be diligent in the regular maintenance of your teeth. The following denture care instructions will help you to keep your mouth and your new teeth in optimal condition at all times.

Why Soaking Is So Essential

Soaking your dentures is not merely about cleaning away food and plaque. It is also about maintaining the structural integrity of your new teeth. If dentures are allowed to become too dry for too long, they will begin to warp. This can cause a tremendous amount of trouble when installing and using your teeth. Thus, you should always leave your dentures in a nice soak while you are not wearing them.

How To Soak Your Dentures

There are a number of solutions that you can safely soak your dentures in. Many of these are designed to freshen both the appearance of the dentures and their scent. They help to lift out stains of many different types and to kill bacteria. When using such a solution to soak your dentures you should always make certain that it has been designed specifically for this purpose. Artificial teeth can be quite costly and the wrong soaking solution could damage or ruin them permanently.

If you do not have a solution you can use water. You should never use hot water but warm or cold water instead. Although artificial teeth are commonly constructed from very durable materials, they are not impervious to heat. Just like dry air, hot water can cause your dentures to warp.

Mixing Your Own Soaking Solutions

You can also soak you dentures in a solution that you have prepared at home. In fact, there are many people who do this with great benefits. Because of the likelihood for causing damage with the wrong ingredients or solutions that are too strong, you should be very careful when creating homemade denture cleaners.

One of the best ingredients to use is vinegar, as this is very good for eliminating stains. You can simply add one or two capfuls to your soaking water. A solution that has an equal amount of vinegar and water will work well also. You can leave your teeth in this solution for about thirty or so minutes. Once this time has passed, you should rinse your soaking tray and refill it with plain water or an over-the-counter denture solution. Using these denture care instructions will ensure that your new smile remains in top condition.

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