Boston Terrier vs French Bulldog: A Beginner’s Comparison

People comparing the two breeds of the Boston Terrier versus the French Bulldog might get them confused because they share the same ancestral heritage. Both breeds have their roots in the lineage of the Bulldog breed. People can ask the vets in Edmond OK about the differences pertaining to each breed to choose a dog that is right for them.

Differences Between the Breeds

When comparing the Boston Terrier with the French Bulldog, people will find they have some similar traits. Both breeds are known to be loyal to the people who own them. The French bulldog can take the loyalty a step further and become a one person dog, which makes it not a suitable pet for people who have many dogs. The bulldog can compete for attention if there are other dogs present. Both breeds are happy to spend time in outdoor areas where they can run and expend their energy.

Traits of the Boston Terrier

When comparing these two breeds, people might discover the roots of the Boston Terrier began in Boston. This breed was the product of mating an English White Terrier with the English Bulldog. The first new pups were referred to as Boston Bulls. Current updates on the original breeds show the English White Terrier to be extinct.

The frame and features of the terrier include a smooth short haired coat and a short head. This dog is well proportioned for a compact breed. It has a short tail and is usually found in colors that mark it with even shades of black, seal and white. Breeders often believe this breed is intelligent because its head is in proportion to the rest of its body. The legs are sturdy and well formed so the entire dog is in balance.

Traits of the French Bulldog

This species is a bit harder to locate when looking for its roots. Some people believe it had its origins in the lineage of the miniature bulldog, which came from England. The workers were thought to have carried the small dog to France during the time of the industrial revolution.

The French Bulldog is generally bred to be a pet rather than a working dog, although it does make a very good watchdog. These animals are very intelligent which makes them easy to train. They like to belong within a family unit, so they make good pets for families with children. They like getting attention, which is why they are great companions for young children. When comparing the traits and markings of the Boston Terrier with those of the French Bulldog, people will find they are both good companion dogs. Whichever breed a family chooses to have,they will find the pet boarding Edmond OK helpful to use when they go on vacation. The places for dog boarding Edmond OK has, will provide the boarding service while the owners are out of town. The dog boarding in Edmond OK will care for a Boston Terrier or French Bulldog as though the dogs were their own.

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