Cat Urine Odor Removal: What You Need to Know

A lot of household cleaners have voice out their concerns when it comes to cleaning a carpet or a rug stained with a cat urine stain and it all boils down to the idea that there is no easier way to deal with it than to douse it with a specific cleaning solution like a cat urine odor removal, for instance. Regular cleaning which involves machine wash or vacuuming the spot wouldn’t completely remove the stain off the affected area and this can be both troublesome for you and for your visitors as well. You wouldn’t want to linger in a space filled with the strong stench of cat urine – the smell is terrible enough to drive people away to their own rooms.

Throwing your cat away is not a choice but you can make a difference if you buy a carpet cleaning chemical solution like a cat urine odor removal. Most of these commercialized chemical solutions are enzyme based which directly breaks down the protein based urine of a cat. Other solutions are marketed as antibacterial – which wards off further breeding of bacteria that may caused further foul smell. There are many stores and shops to help you with regards to this; the internet holds a multitude of online shopping stores to help you in this cleaning related dilemma. To start it all of, you can buy a chemical cleaning solution for as cheap as 3 USD via online. Just secure that every transaction is certified. As of the moment some of the best spot removers came from Bissell, Resolve and Seventh Generation, which offers a price range between 4 to 6 USD.

However, if by chance you still haven’t yet secure a chemical cleaning solution for a pet urine stain problem, you can try out some of the certified homemade tips to help you neutralize the foul smell. When it comes to dealing with a pet urine stain, nothing is much more ideal than working fast to blot it when it is still fresh; dried urine stains give off the most terrible odor and may be difficult to deal with because the urine has already settled in the plush material of your carpet or rug. Cat’s urine is notorious for its smell even though you have known that the affected part can be as tiny as expected.

For fresh stains, try blotting it using cloth or paper towel. Repeatedly doused it with a small amount of water and do it all over again. Ammonia solution is said to work wonders too so you may want to try that for a fresh stain. Detergent solution with a a tablespoon of baking soda is a certified homemade pet urine remover too. For a dried stain, a vinegar solution will do.

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