The Cheapest Places To Live; New Housing

Whenever you think of the cheapest places to live our thoughts often turn to a location but there is another way to think of the cheapest places to live and that is to think of it in terms of finding cheaper ways of providing housing to ourselves and others.

In order to find new and cheaper housing methods and concepts you need to think outside the box and look for ways to use and reuse that which we have and how we might use it in different ways. In my research I found at least three different housing solutions that are outside the mainstream.

The first is to take shipping containers of the type that are used to ship goods across the ocean and convert them to use as the shell or skeleton for a home. It is not too hard to imaging their use if you can bypass the simplicity of their shape and imagine what ways the shell could be treated to make it more palatable for human housing.

The second method that has come to my attention for changing the cost of housing is pretty simple really. It just shrinks the size of the space that is needed and in turn the cost involved. It is obvious that people do not need as much space in most cases to function as we think we do at least in the United States and the rest of the Western world. The per person square footage in the United States is excessive to say the least. Some people have made radical changes to live in as small as 100 square feet. This is outside what most people think of as normal but it has been proven again and again that it is possible so those that can do this are able to reduce their housing expense by a significant percentage. This can be done either through a very small house, sometimes built on a trailer and sometime with a very small apartment but the net result is the same.

The third way that we have seen significant strides toward cheaper housing is with the use of recycled materials like tires, bottles and cans as well as taking these building methods and incorporating other eco-friendly technologies like solar, wind, berming and other underground building methods, to just name a few.

All these are rather radical ideas for most people but are effective in their own way and at the same time each has significant drawbacks. It really comes down to how much each individual is willing to change to find the best place to live for themselves.

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