CHI Organic Shampoo And Conditioner: An Impartial Review

One top reason why many people stay away from organic hair care products is that they think that these products are not that effective. Since organic products only contain gentle ingredients, customers are not convinced that these products have what it takes to take care of their hair problems. However, it only takes a little of one’s time to look around and find those that truly work and are 100% organic. One of these is the Organic Shampoo and Conditioner from CHI Organics.

The Olive Nutrient Therapy Shampoo is sulfate and paraben-free. In the place of these harmful chemicals commonly found in other shampoos, this shampoo only contains natural and essential oils from organic substances. These oils and extracts are effective in cleaning and moisturizing the hair. The company also claims that the shampoo is gentle for color-treated hair. It does not strip the hair off its color when it clears out the dirt and oils in hair strands.

Aside from being organic, the shampoo has a lot of good points. It can work up into a very rich lather similar to what one is used to with regular shampoos. This organic shampoo is also very effective in making the hair and scalp squeaky clean without making them very dry. Perhaps the deciding factor will be the scent of the shampoo. It has a citrus earthy scent that not everyone may appreciate. Another concern that new users may have to get used to is that the shampoo has a thin consistency. This means you have to pour it out slowly lest a lot of the shampoo gets spilled from the bottle.

The Olive Nutrient Therapy Conditioner from CHI Olive also does not contain any parabens. It only has organic natural oils, essential oils, and other plant-based extracts. With regular use, these ingredients work to make the hair shiny, tangle-free, and static-free. Unlike other conditioners, it provides balanced conditioning that does not weigh the hair down. After rinsing out the shampoo, apply this conditioner on the hair, let it stay for one minute, and then rinse thoroughly.

The results from using this conditioner are indeed great. Hair is softer and easier to comb but still has a bouncy and light body. It is suitable for use whether one has fine or thick hair. It has the same scent as the CHI organic shampoo, which means that if you don’t like how the shampoo smelled, then you won’t probably looking forward to smelling this product.

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