All Class and Grace: Ilse Jacobsen Rain Boots

Ilse Jacobsen a reputed name in the industry of hand crafted shoes. For more than 18 years, Ilse Jacobsen has produced shoes which are internationally recognized as one of the best. The Ilse Jacobsen is a class apart. What makes them so unique is their dedication towards quality and nature alike. They only use eco friendly and natural products. They ensure that the boots do not harm ecology in any way. Toxic or harmful chemicals are a big no-no for Ilse Jacobsen standards. Like all the other Ilse Jacobsen products, Ilse Jacobsen rain boots are a heritage. Every individual boot is a piece of art since it gets personal touch. Ilse Jacobsen is situated in Copenhagen, Denmark

Ilse Jacobsen rainboots come in three different capacities.

  • Short Ankle Boots
  • Medium Mid Calf Boots
  • Tall Knee High Boots

All of these styles carry incomparable quality and comfort. Every single detail is carefully taken into account before these shoes are manufactured. Materials, design, styles, colors and manufacturing – everything is close to perfect.

What sets Ilse Jacobsen apart?

Ilse Jacobsen is a respected brand for many reasons. They carefully manufacture their boots under the traditional European hand craft production. Their products are not pricey despite the effort that is being put into them. Principals are quality is never compromised. Ilse Jacobsen are a green friendly organization and they don’t take a single step off from their course. In today’s corporate world, where money is everything, having a brand which such high corporate social responsibility values is comforting.

Below all of the three Ilse Jacobsen Rain Boots are discussed briefly:

Short Ankle Boots

Short Ankle Boots are the smallest size in the rain boots. As the name would suggest, their height is only a little above ankles. They are designed with a view of active energetic people in mind. These shoes are made for rough usage. They are tough and durable. You can wear them for anything on any day with any weather, they will withstand everything. These shoes are strong but they lack nothing in looks. They are fashionable and modern.

Medium Mid Calf Boots

The Ilse Jacobsen Medium Mid Calf Boots have both art and science incorporated. They will ‘charge up’ your feet. The feet do not feel stressed when you wear them. Between their soles, there is a space for air bubbles to get stored. This provides your foot with extra support and less pressure. They make you feel lightweight. They make both walking and running very pleasurable. Ilse Jacobsen Medium Mid Calf Boots will keep your feet warm and dry in even the most deadly weathers. These boots reach the midway of an average person’s calf.

Tall Knee High Boots

The unique thing about Tall Knee High Boots is that they are made from pure leather, yes one hundred percent. They are tall as you’d think. The heal portion of the boot is one inch think, this makes the boot extremely sturdy in construction. No one makes tall knee high boots like Ilse Jacobsen do. A huge array of colors and designs are presented in these shoes.

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