How to Clean Suede Coach Bags

Coach has always been one of the leading brands when it comes to stylistic and fashionable bags. And when it comes to affordability and functionality of their bags, they also would not let down their patrons. Whether made from canvas, leather, suede or any type of fabric, Coach bags never failed to display elegance and beauty.

Of course such beauty should not be wasted but instead preserved. Coach bags lasts a long time but lasts longer when taken care of. That is why here are some tips to help you how to give tender loving care to your precious bag.

These guidelines are specific for bags made of suede materials however you can also find other tips for your leather ones like Coach 15142 or PVC coated leather like Coach 15137. Just read on further and follow the steps.

1. Gather all the needed materials first before proceeding. What you need are the following: a.) suede brush, b.) suede eraser, c.) soft cloth, d.) your Coach bag, e.) Coach dust bag, f.) old newspapers.

2. Brush the bag lightly using a soft brush to remove any loose dirt or accumulated dust.

3. If there are any stains, remove it using the Coach suede care kit. The kit contains a pink and a gray cleaning bar and a special brush. For light stains, use the pink cleaning bar and gently rub in a back and forth manner. When doing this, make sure that your do not dampen the bag. When the stain is removed, use the brush to remove any residue and restore the nap texture of the bag.

4. For heavy and hard to remove stains, use the gray cleaning bar. Wet the bar and gently rub the area in the same back and forth manner. When the stain is removed, let the area dry then brush away the residue to restore the nap texture of the bag.

5. Clean the lining of the bag using the soft cloth or lint remover. When you are done, crumple some old newspaper and roll them forming balls that is large enough to fit inside the bag. Fill the bag with the rolled papers. This will keep the bag in shape when storing it in a closet.

6. After filling the bag with rolled papers, place the bag inside its dust bag to keep it safe from dust and stains then store it in a cool and dry place.

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