Cleaning up a Sweaty Yoga Practice

Yoga can be as sweaty and messy as any other exercise out there.  It is not often portrayed that way but that is simply because they don’t want to scare you away from all the power and flow yoga classes.  These classes are the ones that take you to your edge and make you want to curl up in a ball.   The end result is simply that you are ultra sweaty.  Managing this sweat is the main thing that has to be done to participate in such classes.

There are a couple ways to do this relatively easily.  The first is to add a yoga mat towel over top of a standard yoga mat.  These are handy tools that keep you from slipping as well as cleaning up all the sweaty remains.  They adhere to the mat as well as create traction under your hands and feet for you to adhere to.  When all is said and done you can toss them in the washing machine to clean them up and use them again.  Instead of a yoga mat towel you can also use a cotton yoga mat or yoga rug.  These are a mat unto themselves and can also be washed really easily, then hung to dry.

If you prefer not to have anything between you and your mat you can simply use your rubber or plastic mat as it is and give it a very good cleaning when you are done your practice.  There are yoga mat cleaners you can buy but I recommend making your own so that you know what is in it and you can know it is free of chemicals as well.  If your mat has a build up of dirt and sweat over time you can also give it a really deep cleaning too.  To do this you soak the mat in a tub of luke warm water with low to no suds soap then wring it out and hang it to dry.

To minimize the sweat hitting you mat you can also wear covering clothes.  This will create a barrier between you and the mat and allow for all the seat to go into the clothes.  These can then easily be washed to cleaned up for their next use.

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