Correspondence Courses as Key to Reduce Recidivism

Recidivism is one of the major problems of society when prisoners are paroled or have finished serving their time. Given their nature and the possibly difficult lives that they lead, many still choose to become repeat offenders. When asked why, they say they simply had no choice. As such, inmates now are given the choice to take correspondence courses. Correspondence courses come in the form of online education opportunities to help out inmates improve their lives for the better.

Several areas are covered by correspondence courses for inmates. These were selected based on studies conducted that elicited responses regarding inmates’ major issues and concerns. Take for instance anger management as a correspondence course. This helps those who committed hate crimes or crimes of passion. For those enrolled in the program, they are taught how to control their anger and focus their energies on other concerns in order to avoid bad behavior.

Many have not completed schooling and are also given the option to enroll in college correspondence courses for inmates. These are offered in coordination with a number of universities. Education provides them with both the needed knowledge and the skills to earn a living by the time they are ready to go back to the real world. They can choose to either do a bachelor’s degree or go for a vocational course. Whichever they choose in the college courses for inmates, as long as they are able to complete it, they are ensured of a higher chance at getting a job outside the facilities.

Currently, many are still lobbying for full support from the government for correspondence courses. This is because the area is lacking in terms of funding. The inmates should be able to support themselves with their tuition if they wish to avail of the programs. Many do not have the capacity financially. Given that the recidivism rates have been proven to go down with the increase in enrolment to the programs, it is about time the government reconsiders their stand on the matter.

Correspondence courses for inmates give offenders their chance at a better life.

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