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Long time ago, art was expressed using stones, leaves, papers, paint brush, and metal pieces. But now, art can be expressed through the use of computers. Art that is expressed through computers is called Cyberart. This is a new media art type that does not use the traditional materials and techniques to express art.

Cyberart is produced using computer softwares such as Photoshop, Movie Maker, Corel Draw, Swish, Painter, Acrobat and the like. These softwares allow one to edit photos, create photos, create a movie and even make contents for a website. Here, no paper, paint, or paint brush is needed. The user will just drag the mouse to create images as if maneuvering a paint brush when painting and click buttons on the screen to create movies or slide shows.

Computer softwares can be downloaded on the internet for free or with pay. If you do not have an internet connection, you can still avail these software but through their CD or DVD form. All you have to do is to install the software from the CD or DVD going to your computer. Software installation is easy. Just place the CD or DVD on the CD/DVD compartment of your CPU and a folder will appear on your monitor automatically. Click the folder and press run, open or install. Just follow the instruction presented on the monitor after that.

These softwares can be updated every now and then as long as you have an internet connection. Software updates are free so if there are updates available, install it. There are softwares that automatically determine update and would just inform you if you are ready to install it while there are some that requires you to manually search for its updated version on the internet.

If you create art on the internet using these softwares, your work would be much faster, more creative, and definitely much cheaper. You do not need to gather raw materials to create something out of it. In cyberart, all you need to have is a computer and software. These two can lasts for years without consuming anything! Also, you can make complicated yet sophisticated art that the traditional way could not give. With cyberart, you can make impossible art possible.

If you opt to buy computer software on the internet, be sure to only make your purchases on your trusted online software provider since some online shops are scams. There are actually free softwares that are for trial on the internet. You can try this one first before purchasing the real software to see if it fits your art needs.

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