Being Creepy and Creative.. Its Halloween!

Your costumes don’t have to expensive to be scary, and you don’t need to go spend so much money on decorations to do the trick. If you do it right and be crafty at home, you will be able to create the atmosphere you want and you get to save a whole bunch of money. Halloween stuff doesn’t have to be so expensive.

1. Old dolls or tattered stuff toys

Before you decide on donating those old dolls and teddy bears of yours, think again, they just might create the seen you want for your next Halloween party. Take the dolls and create them into so sort f voodoo dolls or zombies. Take they hair and mess it up in a fighting way, and also add some, makeup to the faces; especially some dark makeup under there eyes.  You can use crayons, it doesn’t have to be makeup; see it gets cheaper and cheaper every time. For instance, Rickys Halloween stuff is not about how expensive they are about how creative they are.  Put the dolls near your door; let them welcome the visitors in.
2. Cardboard Cut Outs

With a cardboard just draw up shapes and ghoulish outlines and cut them out. Use transparent strings to create an illusion of them flying and hang them everywhere!
3. Pumpkins of all sizes
crave pumpkins with wholes for there mouth and eye and put a candle as a light! They will create a daunting glow. This is truly a very creepy effect. Put them as center pieces at the food table, next to some finger food perhaps or have it light the menu and accompany it with some red vampire blood punch!

4. Creepy dim lighting
you can do wonders with some light. It can make it spooky, just everywhere.  Use it wisely and extensively!

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