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Hi definition video has revolutionized the home entertainment experience in recent years. As prices continue to drop, and more devices make use of the technology, it seems that almost every home has at least a couple of gadgets that require HDMI cables. The problem, for many of us, is that you may find yourself spending far too much money on HDMI cables and then finding yourself without enough ports on your television to accommodate them.

The price of HD cables has exploded in recent time, in part due to the sales push of electronics store employees trying to sell you things like high end HDMI cables for Xbox 360. The truth is that, unlike their analog counterparts, the HDMI cables use a signal that is purely digital and, as a result, does not degrade due to inferior products. Bottom line? If the data reaches its destination at all, it reaches it flawlessly intact. Companies like MonoPrice produce very cheap cables, but you can also get them in virtually any size you need, making them ideal for keeping excess cables at bay.

You also may be worried about your television’s limited port space. Fortunately, hubs are available that will make this less of a problem. An HDMI hub will provide you with multiple input ports, while you will only run a single cable to your television. This way your video games, computer, cable box, and anything else can all be plugged in at once and switched manually. Thankfully forever eliminating the need to blindly reach around, behind, and over your entertainment center to switch between multiple devices. Keep in mind the previous point, though, since a Belkin HDMI hub, a Sony HDMI hub, or any other brand will not have much difference when it comes to picture quality.

Just because HDMI technology is the top of the line at the moment doesn’t mean that you have to make it more complicated than it is. By being aware of the potential of the cables and properly managing your devices you can comfortably enjoy your gadgets without the pain of dealing with a tangled mess behind your television.

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