Diets: An Important Part of Being Fit

How many times have you said to yourself: I am just going to exercise and avoid dieting to lose weight? Of course, by now you should know that this is not true, well not at least you are a super athlete working your body several hours of the day!  If you want to lose weight and get some tangible results from your exercise sessions, you must also integrate a good diet.

The first we have to determine is “what is a good diet?”.  A good diet is not a fad, sure many 6 Week Body makeover followers have had plenty of success, but a strict diet will only get you to a certain point.  A good diet will be the best complement to our physical activity.  So for example if you do a lot of weight lifting, you will need more carbs than a person who doesn’t go to the gym;  the later can see better benefits from a no-carb or slow-carb diet that restricts the amount of bread, potato and starch we ingest.

A good diet should also be low on sugar.  Many studies seem to point out that sugar has a very negative effect in our lives.  Yet, most of the products we ingest contain sugar in some form! This is no coincidence, as sugar can be addictive.  But why companies do this is beyond the scope of this article, what you should know is that sugar need to be avoided when possible.  At first this change can be pretty shocking but you’ll see that your body gets used to drinking water or tea without sugar in  less than a week.

How to find the perfect diet for you? A nutrition expert can be of great help to elaborate a diet, but don’t forget that the most important factor is you.  As you start your new eating habits, you should become aware of how your body reacts and make changes accordingly.  Over time, you’ll build your own perfect diet and strategy for losing weight!

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