A Few Easy Tips To Helping You With Dethatching Your Lawn

First off, the best way you can do when dethatching your lawn is to use a power rake.  You can rent a power rake for $40-$50 for a four hour time frame.  You can try dethatching your lawn with a rake, but this method will take you a very long time.  And it will not do as thorough of a job as you can do if you use a power rake.

When you adjust the depth setting on the power rake, you want to make sure that you have the depth set so that it just barely touches the surface of the ground.  This way, you can tear out all of the thatch that is your lawn without damaging the grass.  On your first pass, you want to go over all of the edges of your lawn.  Be very careful not to hit  the sprinkler heads that are in the lawn.  After you have finished going over all the gadgets, you want to go over the middle part by going back and forth from side to side across the middle, until you have completed the entire area.  If the thatch in your lawn is very thick, you also want to go over it from top to bottom.  This way you can make sure to get out as much of it as possible.  After you are done, you’ll want to rake up all of the debris and dispose of it.

It is very important that you should thatch your lawn on a regular or on an as- needed basis.  Typically this means that you want to do it once every three or four years.  However, if you already have a lot of moss that is building up in your lawn, it may be necessary for you to dethatch your lawn every year.  Also, if moss is a major problem, you may also want to add iron to your lawn to kill the moss and keep them from growing back.

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