My Experience at a Sustainability Conference

Right now, I am currently in the process of applying for graduate school. The program I am applying for is an Environmental Humanities program in northern Utah. I am passionate about the environment, sustainability, and literature, so I am positive it will be the perfect program for me. While it is popular to “go green” and to eat clean, local foods, for me, it isn’t just a fad. I am passionate about my health and about using the resources of the Earth. Environmental issues are one of those things that everyone knows about, but many people ignore. Rather than buying local produce and shopping at local farmers’ markets, most people prefer to shop at chain grocery stores because it saves them a little money. I believe that when it comes to environmental issues especially, being aware of issues is greatly important.

An education in environmental humanities will help me understand the seriousness of these issues and know how to work for a change. I’ve always had a love for the environment, but I became particularly interested in environmental issues when I went to a sustainability conference during my junior year of college. I was in a program I loved, but one that I knew wouldn’t make much of a difference when I graduated. At the sustainability conference, I met with many profound authors and scholars, and I realized that there are a lot of people just like me out there. The university I was going to at the time had a separate sustainability program, but I was already most of the way through my other program so I was not going to switch.

I took as many classes as I could that were related to topics I heard about at the sustainability conference. I took an Environmental Literature class, where I read multiple novels about the impact that dam building has on indigenous peoples, about factory farming, about the chemicals put into our food, and so on. It was one of the most interesting classes I have ever taken. Because of that, I ended up taking three classes from the same professor who taught that literature class. It was great to learn about changes people are making in sustainability. I attended one sustainability conference every weekend for two years, and I learned more every single time I went. Sustainability conferences cover countless topics, from alternative fuels to how to grow heritage vegetables. They also discuss hybrid vehicles, “green” cleaning products, and much more.

Most states have sustainability conferences a few times a year, and they are increasing in popularity. Some people think sustainability is a fad that will go away with time, but those who become more involved in the movement realize that it is not going away anytime soon. Unlike other fads, environmentalism and focus on sustainability are not going away. If anything, they are only becoming more popular as more people learn about them. I hope that I get into the Environmental Humanities graduate program so I can participate in more sustainability conferences in the future. If I am lucky, I will even get to speak at one!

I would love to write a research paper or participate in a project and then present it at a conference. I do not have any problem with speaking in front of people, especially when I am talking about something I am passionate about. My professor for my sustainability classes made a major impact on my life, and her knowledge of environmental issues became a major part of my learning process. It has been a couple years since I went to my first sustainability and environmental conference, and I want to go to another one soon.

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