Fashion Tips For Women: Coats By Seasonal

We recognized an outer coat by its style and pattern, for example a wool swing coat is for retro styling and leather coat is for leisure. By the way we can identify a coat by its usages too, especially when a coat is developed for seasonal need.

A summer coat is meant for summer season. Why? The designer was designed the coat that fits summer season features. The coat was constructed of lightweight fabric like taffeta, organza, satin which will make you feel windy and comfortable during hot summer days. The fabric used for making the coat should be heat-resistant. Other than fabric type, the designer was developed most of these summer coats in short sleeves style. There are various short sleeve styles that was popular, for example cap sleeve, 3 4 sleeves etc. Short sleeve is to prevent you for feeling uncomfortable by the hot weather. Additionally the summer coat is more colorful and decorative. This is representing they fun and joyful mood for summer where people usually spend their summer holidays by surfing and trekking.

Winter coat is more “content”. The more “content” here it was developed with rich features like “thicker”, “heavier” and “bulkier”. In fact there are more winter coats rather than summer coat in the market. The winter coat is offered everywhere. A pea coat is the common winter coat which you can get everywhere. I’m sure many of you familiar with the construct and making of this outerwear. The coat is available for all gender, age and fashion style. What about trench coat? The coat is as common as pea coats. By the way some people don’t prefer trench coat where they think the coat is too heavy to be carrying around. However the trench coat is the best to prevent you from chilling weather, especially the one that developed of wool or fur.

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