Filigree Engagement Rings Can Offer Something Special

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Although a diamond is a girl’s best friend, occasionally a solitaire diamond engagement ring is not a girl’s favorite type of ring. They are certainly beautiful, but they can become a little plain and “samey” as it’s the kind of ring everyone seems to have. For that extra something, maybe filigree engagement rings are the answer; they are also very beautiful, but different and offer an extra touch of romance. So if you like the look of this type of ring, perhaps it’s time to start dropping some hints to the boyfriend.

One of the most striking features of a filigree ring is the beautiful and ornate detailing of the metalwork. In many cases, though not all, there is a gemstone included in the design as a central feature. These rings are meant to have similarities to – and in fact take their inspiration from – filigree jewelry, which also features very delicate designs, weaved out of fragile threads of silver and gold. Of course, the rings are not as fragile as their lace-like weaved counterparts but do look just as wonderful.

Shopping for filigree engagement rings will very quickly make you realize that you have a choice from three main styles. The first one is more basic than the others, with a main central gemstone, perhaps a diamond or ruby, but accented by the filigree pattern, which serves to draw the eyes towards the stone. The rest of the band will normally be plain, and so this type of ring is certainly one where the filigree design takes second place to the precious stone.

The second style to look out for is the complex filigree ring. This type is far more complicated and involves very complex metalwork all the way round the gold band. They might still incorporate one or more gemstones, but in this case, the wow-factor is the entire design, rather than using the filigree as a tool to help adorn the primary gemstone.

The third category comprises the multi-tone filigree rings, and these are made using two different colored precious metals, which can be yellow and white gold, or sometimes yellow gold and platinum. Having a two color combination like this helps to draw your focus into the elaborate metalwork itself, and helps you appreciate the substantial artistry of these rings.

What girl could resist loving such a romantic gesture as being given one of these beautiful engagement rings?

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