Finding Grills On Sale For Better Burgers

Have you ever noticed that grilled meat seems to taste better when you are outdoors. We usually buy or pound of lean ground beef or gourmet sausage to grill on the first night out on the road. Finding grills on sale to bring camping has become like a game for us. We will search to the ends of the Earth to find better and smaller BBQ grills. Because our Subaru is not a full size SUV, we look for small compact folding grill. Since I enjoy grilling so much while camping, I will be reviewing larger grills as well.

Some folks wonder if a charcoal BBQ grill is better to use than  cast iron Dutch oven cooking. Both methods work great and produce amazing results. I would say that if you enjoy food made on both, then pack ’em both.

Why BBQ When You Can Just Pan Fry Food?

Grilled food has a unique flavor that is hard to beat.  I like grilling because pan frying is messy.  Ask yourself, would you rather eat a pan fried burger or a big fat juicy burger that has been grilled? I have a hunch you would rather be eating the grilled burger.

Small Camp BBQ Grill Variations

Small Portable Gas Grill

At home, we always use the Weber Go Any Where Grill because it always works. If you don’t like to fool around with charcoal, the compact Weber is the way to go. We always get even heating meat cooking on the Weber grill. Burgers and chicken tastes nearly as good as grilling with charcoal. Honestly, you cannot make a bad meal on this grill.

Even though we never took good care of our our first Weber grill go anywhere grill, it lasted nearly 10 years. We beat on it. It was left out in the rain without covering. Shame on us!

The small compact size makes this easy to travel with and pack.   The legs fold up and clamp the top to the bottom.  Cleaning with a wire grill brush takes less than a minute.

We like the Weber because we can cook 6 large juicy beef burgers or a large salmon fillet.  The meat tastes better than any restaurant and is always evenly cooked through out.

If you want to save money, then buy your charcoal grills on sale off-season and save some big money.

Metal Grill Rack

Since we have to pack light, I have an old beat up grill left over from our Go Anywhere grill. We use whatever fuel we have available-charcoal or wood. Wood is our first choice since we don’t have to pack it.

Small Portable Round Grill

Depending on our gear packing situation, we switch between a circular and rectangular BBQ grill. We purchased a very small round grill a Walmart while on the road in Nevada for less than $10 and it works fantastic. I can get it ready in less than 30 minutes. Outside of a gas grill, this has been our best cooking investment for camping. It’s so simple. Primitive is a better word. But it is a work horse!

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