Forensics and Business—Fields of Study That Make Use of the Beauty and Complexity of Mathematics

It has been said that to succeed in any profession (any job that requires a certification from a governing body), one must develop a “love” for Mathematics. To be interested in Reading and Language is not enough. Although many people today say that exceptional knowledge on Math does not necessarily make you a successful person in the future but industry and passion for work do, it is without a doubt that we usually have an edge when we are good at those subjects because we are presented with many choices for a job.

Two industries that involve a high degree of application of Math are Business and Forensics.

In Business, Math is ever present. Accounting, Economics, Insurance, Stocks, Real Estate, and others—they all revolve on the philosophy and art of Mathematics. In college, subjects such as Business and Investment Math, Business Calculus, and Business Statistics teach us the relevance of analytical and quick thinking in operating a business firm. Once you are good in Math, it is easy for you to land a job such as that of a Certified Public Accountant, Chartered Financial Analyst, Business Architect, Sales Managers, Stock Analysts, or Financial Advisors. These people undergo years of postgraduate training to be capable of making decisions for companies and corporations.

In the medical field, any profession should not be limited to the comforts of hospitals, clinics, or nursing centers alone. Several jobs in Forensics are now increasing. A lot of what you see in TV series like Law & Order or NCIS are not enough because the detectives are not categorized into several job titles such as Blood Specialist, Forensic Doctor, Forensic Nurse, Ballistics Analyst, Crime Scene Investigator, Forensic Toxicologist, Fingerprint Expert, and so much more! If you are watching a lot of documentary shows highlighting how crimes were solved, you can observe that these experts apply a huge amount of Mathematics in their jobs.

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