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Due to the fact that GPS receiver chips are put in modern stop cell phones, it’s now possible to use cell phone tracker applications. The acronym GPS stands for Global Positioning System. This network is a series of satellites that continually orbit the earth makes up the system. Cell phones of these days continually communicate with several satellites at the exact same time. After gathering enough data the phone uses a series of complicated calculations, they calculate the exact location of the cell phone.

A new and interesting free cell phone locator application has recently hit the market named Glympse. This innovative cell phone locator application is created for business users and it truly is the very first of its type. When people use this cell phone locator application they are allowed to give specific people the capability to track their cell phone for a maximum of four hours. Many business users especially like this application for cell phone tracking because they can let clients track them with their cell phone during business hours and then have their privacy after business hours are over.

You’re probably wondering how this cell phone locator application functions. Step one is to go to the Glympse website and sign up for a free account. Prior to you being able to use the application, you’ll need to install the Glympse application onto your particular phone. Only the phone that will be tracked needs to have the app installed on it.

Allow me to give you a scenario about how you might use this application. Imagine for a brief moment that you’re meeting some people for an very important presentation. You are in all probability a pretty busy individual and there is a good chance that you’ll be running late since you got hung up somewhere. You can’t be hassled with constant phone calls asking when you might get there so all you’ve got to do is use Glympse to give them the capability to track you and they’ll know exactly when you will be arriving. You will just use your cell phone or pc to go to the Glympse web site. Then, you will pick the people that you would like to be able to track you. Those people that you have selected to receive the message will then get the message and it will contain a link in it. After they click on the link, they will be taken to the Glympse site and will see your location overlaid on a map on their personal computer screen. This screen will have a lot of useful information such as you location, how much longer they can track you, your rate of travel, and your estimated time of arrival.

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