Free Garmin Map Updates for Nuvi GPS Products

I wanted to share my experience on downloading Garmin map updates which I hope will help other owners of Garmin GPS products out there.  I drive every day due to my job, and very often have to visit new towns and cities that I am not familiar with.  My Garmin GPS has become my right hand man when it comes to travelling, and up until recently was using a Garmin Nuvo 200w for my travels. 

However, I recently purchase a brand new Nuvi 1690 as an upgrade.  Within the first week of using it though I travelled to New York and came across a new road junction which my new GPS didn’t recognise.  Eventually I found my way, but that evening came home determined that I needed to download free Garmin map updates to the new product so I wouldn’t get caught out again.

I loaded up the Garmin website and soon found the option to get a free map update.  This is something called the nuMaps Guarantee and offers new owners of Garmin GPS products the the opportunity to get a free Garmin map update within 90 days of first registering the product.

This makes sense that they offer free Garmin map updates because at the point I purchased the new Nuvi, it had probably been in the shop for at least six months during which time new roads (and particularly that one in New York) have been built.  It’s funny because when I owned the previous Nuvi I never needed a Garmin Nuvi 200w update – but I guess that’s just been down to sheer luck.

Anyway, downloading the free Garmin map update was ridiculously easy as all I had to do was register the GPS sat nav with Garmin, and then I was led through an online download process via on-screen tips – the whole process took no time at all – and the best thing was it was completely free.

In a few months time I think I am going to pay for the Garmin Lifetime maps offer which is very reasonable – and this means I can then download Garmin map updates four times a year for as long as I own the Nuvi 1690.  Because of my job and the travelling required it is essential that I have a completely up to date GPS otherwise it could mean I end up getting lost.

My Garmin GPS is the most valuable piece of technology that I own so knowing that I have the latest maps is great for my own piece of mind.  If you want free Garmin map updates I would advise you also check out their nuMaps Guarantee and see if it works for you.

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