Front Yard Sprinkler System

When I was very young my father put a new sprinkler system in our front yard. He did this entirely by himself, even though putting in new sprinkler systems is not a job that many people think they could do on their own. This made me think that people are capable of just doing everything on their own, and there is no need for an outside labor force whose job it is to come in and do something about it.

I also remember that putting in that sprinkler system all by himself was not an easy thing to do. Our yard was completely torn up for a few days while he dug holes for the pipes and for all of the other amenities that it takes to really make a sprinkler system work. I think I was only about four when this was going on, so there wasn’t much that I could do to help, but I still remember being out there and realizing that everyone who was helping was not having very much fun.

This is still potent in my mind because it reminds me that doing things on your own is not the easy route. The easy route would have been to pay some random workers to come in and put the sprinkler system in for us. That is not what my dad did, and so that is not what I think of doing when it comes time to fix something. In society we are currently very incapable of doing more than a few things with our lives.

We go and do one job all day because we know our one job is doing something for someone, and all of the other jobs that people do–like fixing cars and putting in sprinkler systems–will be there when we need them to be. This is a great way to live because it keeps us all in need of each other, but also can be a very detrimental way to live. This method of survival keeps us all from being able to be self-sufficient, and this means that we are made slightly weaker by relying on other people for all of the difficult things in our lives.

Fixing a car is not hard about ninety percent of the time, yet we still always pay someone to fix our cars when they break down. We also depend on our cars more than most other things in the world–if we are so dependent on them then doesn’t it make sense to learn a little bit about to maintain them and keep them working? There are places where your car could break down, and if you are there alone you will have idea what to do.

The problem could be as simple as pouring some water into the engine, but you would never know it. I am guilty of many of these problems just as much as anyone else, but it is my New Year’s resolution to learn what it takes to be self-sufficient and able to survive on my own. This is not to say that I will start doing that, but I am sure that it will make my life a lot easier if I know how to accomplish more and more things on my own.

This year I am going to learn about farming, fixing engines, shooting different kinds of weapons, and generally just trying to gain common sense about how to live in the world around me. This is much better than all of the previous resolutions that I have ever had, and so I am really going to try and make it happen this year.

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