Why do Golf Balls have Dimples?

Golfers have been wondering for years why golf balls have dimples and it seems like many golfers still do not understand the simple science behind this. I was able to hit a golf ball before that had no dimples and I was amazed at how far the golf ball went. What normally would have been about 350 yards went only about 100 yards because of the simple fact that there were no dimples on the golf ball. A golf ball with the correct amount of dimples and shapes of dimples will be able to pierce through the sky much better and the winds and rains will not affect the flight of the ball that much. Here are some of the best golf ball on the PGA tour today.

Titleist Pro V1

The Pro v1 continues to be the number golf ball on the tour and it is definitely not a surprise that most golfers on the PGA tour use the Pro v1. For years the Pro v1 continues to have proven that they have been able to implement the correct amount of dimples and shapes of the dimples without having to sacrifice quality. Though Tiger Wood’s ball has a Nike logo, it is tough to believe that the golf balls are actually Pro v1’s and most golfers do not really understand the importance of the golf balls.

Golf balls will definitely help any golfer improve and I am shocked that more golfers do not see the importance. Golf is definitely about the equipment that you use and it is obvious that the best golfers will want to invest in their game and not just use any equipment that they find. If you are serious about improving your golf game, you will have to focus on the quality of the golf balls.

Try your best to not focus on saving money and to focus on buying high quality golf balls. There are plenty of golf balls to choose from and the best ones will almost always be more expensive. Though many golfers will try to save money by using cheap golf balls like Top Flite, it will most likely always show in your score. Make sure that you truly understand the importance of a golf ball so that you have a better understanding of the benefits that are given to you. With just a little patience and motivation, you will definitely improve your game.

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