High Voltage Testing On Equipment

Various electrical applications require that you test them frequently in order to ensure the proper workings of the device. This is particularly true for high voltage equipment, but also applies to medium voltage and even some low voltage applications. Basically, if there is immense load and pressure on the electrical equipment at any given time they are prone to many problems that can take place. The best high voltage testing on equipment takes place by a professional company that will come to your location and actually diagnose the problems right there in the field. These days there are many portable devices that can be used to test high voltage equipment . The two most common problems that go wrong with high voltage equipment is the leaking of corona and partial discharge.

Learn About Testing Various Electrical Equipment

With partial discharge the actual insulation of the cables which surround the electricity transferring cables begins to break down and change its properties in such a way that it will need repaired or replaced in order for the cable to properly transmit the electricity through the cables. Partial discharge detection can be tricky and there are certified companies who know the inner workings of how to actually perform these tests to find out if the insulation needs repaired or replaced. The next phenomenon that happens when it comes to high voltage equipment is called corona. This begins to emit if there in an unstable balance in the equipment. This field can only be seen by a special ultraviolet camera that is called a corona camera, not surprisingly.

Call Your Local Electrical Testing Company

If you think that your high voltage equipment may be in need of extensive testing then it is best to call in the professionals. You cannot see corona with the naked eye and trying to diagnose problems yourself could lead to electric shock.

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