Hiring a Chicago Limo Rental

The only time I have used a Chicago limo rental was for my wedding. My husband and I, who reside in Utah, decided to get married in Chicago, where I was born and raised. It was slightly hard to plan our wedding from afar, but my mom, who still lives in the city, was happy to help her oldest daughter with the wedding plans. My mom hired a caterer, the band and found the perfect reception hall. It was my mom, in fact, who insisted that we arrive at the reception in style, so she hired a Chicago limo rental for us. My husband couldn’t have been more excited. Most people think that the limo that you get from a Chicago limo rental is a completely different type of vehicle than the one you would find just driving around on the streets. In realty, these people are completely mistaken.

The first limos were created by companies who bought regular cars from regular manufacturers. These limo companies simply lengthened the chaises on their new cars, made some other modifications and sold them. The first of these cars actually had the driver’s seat on the outside of the car, where the driver was exposed to the current weather conditions. These drivers wore hooded cloaks in order to protect themselves which were reminiscent of the hooded cloaks worn by the shepherds in the Limosin region in France. Thus the name limousine was given to the car. The first limos were used in the mid-1930s to transport the “Big Bands.”

Famous conductors like Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller would use the vehicles to drive their bands (along with their equipment) all over the country, from coast to coast. Today, however, most musical groups need far more than just a limousine to transport all of their equipment. A limo will still be used to transport band members, but the extra equipment will have to travel in semi-trucks or busses. Now, more than ever, limos are thought of as being luxury items, with only the very rich or very powerful people in the world being able to afford their use on a regular basis. As such, the limo industry has taken a fairly large hit because of the recent economic recession, during which even the very richest among us is trying to find ways to cut back.

The result of this is that many of the smaller limo rental companies have had to close its doors and leave the trade to larger companies. Only the strongest of these companies has survived. You can still find reputable limo operations, though. There are many large companies that can provide limo services in a variety of different limousine styles. Each car has its own version of amenities, some of which include a mini-fridge with a bar and a sun roof. These cars are often rented out for special occasions like proms, graduations, bachelorette/bachelor parties, and in my case, my wedding, or whenever someone feels the need to have a “night out on the town.”

All in all, I was pleased with my Chicago limo rental experience. We only had the car and driver for the night, and we really only used it to get from the chapel to the reception and then from the reception to our hotel. I didn’t feel the need to drive around the city or anything, but the time I spent in our limo, I enjoyed. There was something about the experience that made me feel important, which, I’m sure it the entire point of hiring a limo. Riding to the hotel in a limo was the perfect end to my perfect day. It all worked out perfectly.

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