Kid’s Basketball Hoop

If you are shopping around for a kid basketball hoop for younger kids to play with, you may want to consider the Little Tikes Just Like the Pros. The model is generally not considered to be sturdy enough for older children or adults to use, but is ideal for kids aged three or four. Most children can get a little bit rough and overly enthusiastic when shooting hoops in the back yard and the Little Tikes will generally stand up fairly well to a little bit of rough play and wear and tear.

The hoop itself is relatively small, making it easy to set up and dismantle, although securing the net may be difficult and you may want to loop it on the hoop before using. For extra stability, the base can be filled with sand, which will help to reduce the chances of the whole thing being pulled over.

One drawback of this model is that the base is perhaps a little bit too big and you may find that children will bump into it while playing. This is even more noticeable if you use the supplied base extension. The backboard, hoop and pole are all fairly sturdy and well made and once the net is looped over the hoop, the whiole thing should be stable and should not topple over too many times.

Considering the above pros and cons, the typical basketball hoop review will rate the Little Tikes at five out of ten and if you are looking for something affordable and practical, rather than something top of the line, this is a good choice. To summarize, the model is relatively sturdy, easy to set up and use; however its one big drawback is the rather large and cumbersome base which inevitably gets in the way when playing.

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