Learning About Applique Embroidery Designs

A new hobby that my mother-in-law has begun teaching me is applique embroidery design. Because my husband is still in college full-time he is studying almost every night, leaving me searching for something to occupy my time with, besides watching TV. His mother volunteered to teach me a few skills that I am not very good at, like knitting, sewing and applique embroidery designs. I will go over to her house or she will come over to my apartment three evenings each week and we will spend time working together for about two hours.

This has helped me to become closer with my mother-in-law, while at the same time learning new skills. Spending my evenings this way has helped me to feel more productive than I did before. I caught on quickly to knitting and have enjoyed making blankets and scarves. We will start on making hats and socks soon. Because sewing is more complex, we moved from knitting to learning about applique embroidery designs. This has been so much fun so far!

My husband and I are expecting our first baby in just about three months and we are so excited! My new skills have come in handy as I can make several things to prepare for its arrival. My mother-in-law picked up several applique embroidery designs for me to use on the baby’s clothing. I got the baby several white onsies and am now making them more exciting by adding the designs. This allows me to design the clothes the way I want to, instead of just buying something generic at a store. My older sister has two kids of her own.

She often uses applique embroidery designs for their clothes too. She has shared her secret with me. Whenever a holiday or a special event comes up, she uses applique embroidery designs to make her kid’s clothing match the occasion. For example, when Christmas time comes, instead of spending her money buying several holiday outfits for her kids, she will just buy some plain shirts and grab some embroidery designs and will make them herself.

This allows her to be creative with their clothing and she can make her kids, one boy and one girl, matching outfits for their Christmas card picture. She does this for almost every holiday and often for other big occasions like birthdays. As a graduate from BYU and with my husband still a student there, he requested that I find BYU applique embroidery designs to make our baby several BYU outfits. He is already planning on taking our baby to several football games and basketball games next year and claims it needs at least four outfits for each sport.

He wants our baby to be BYU’s biggest sports fan and if it turns out anything like its father, it will be! I promised my husband I would grant him his request so now my next task is to find BYU designs. My mother-in-law said she saw some a few days ago, so this weekend she and I will go out and look for them. My new hobbies have already been so much fun for me and very useful. I am glad I found something worthwhile to do in the evenings when my husband is studying.

I don’t enjoy being a bum every day and just sitting on the coach watching TV, and these activities have been much better alternatives for me. After I master the art of embroidery, I will move on to sewing. I will be able to not just embroider my baby’s clothes, but also make some clothes soon. This will help us save a lot of money since we won’t have to buy as many clothes. I didn’t realize how many benefits there could be from just learning a few basic skills.

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  1. I am looking for a BYU applique embroidery design. Do you happen to know where to find one?

    Thanks in advance!

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