Learning From Your Mistakes Quotes

Making mistakes are like darts to my heart, bleeding my spirit dry. What frustration I have experienced in learning to see my mistakes as heaven’s gift instead of as destroyers of my heart and soul.
-Mistakes have always felt like heavy bricks hurled directly at me. Those bricks have bruised my confidence, my success and my desire to keep going. Only by painful experience have I learned to utilize those bricks to pave the pathway of my success.
-Mistakes are the gateway to your dreams, not the destroyer of them.
-Extinction is the natural selection process of the majority of the same species continuing to make the same mistakes over and over without ever bothering to learn from them or do something different.
-Nobody dictates that you need learn from your mistakes. You are completely free to beat your head against the same wall for years and years in frustration expecting the wall to fall when you could have just gone around it the whole time.
-Even monkeys can learn from their mistakes. There are days when I feel I could learn from monkeys.
-Aaron Ralston — Now there’s a guy who probably won’t make the same mistake again and who has demonstrated convincingly enough to keep an entire generation from making his same mistake.
-I think the best mistakes quotes would be from someone missing a leg teaching about the importance of safety in operating farm equipment. If that doesn’t learn you and you make that same mistake, then not even God can help you.
-In small matters, it seems I can learn from my mistakes rather quickly. It’s only in the larger more important matters like relationships, money and career that I seem determined to make the same mistakes over and over again for years on end.
-It would seem I am a slow learner. I keep making the same mistake over and over again. Maybe it would help if I tried to do something different.
-The most maddening thing is when you try so many different things and you keep getting the same result. No matter what woman I ask out or how I ask them out, they all say no! No matter what MLM company I join like Amway, Usana, Tahitian Noni or Mary Kay, I just can’t seem to make any money! What gives?!

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