How To Live Frugally Without The Aid Of Material Things

The luxurious estate next to your house has a big sign above its gate stating, “Foreclosed.” The last owner of the expensive house was a plastic surgeon. Surprisingly, the good doctor had an expensive pastime. Hobbies like, collecting cars and throwing exclusive parties to name a couple. His garage is like a car museum. His collection is considered to be one of the best in the whole city and every car thief in the area would give his eye teeth to have a good look at the garage from the inside. Lucky for the surgeon in his three years six and six months stint in the mansion it never occurred. During his days inside the luxurious mansion, almost every week he would host a party, with only the rich and famous invited and every party thrown, was a smash hit, never once failing to amaze neighbors. Every time he goes to work in the morning his designer suits gave you a strong feeling of inferiority. Too bad nobody gave him any advice on how to live frugally. His filing for bankruptcy proves only one thing–he mishandled all his assets. His paycheck as a plastic surgeon would have been enough to support him and family but not the lifestyle he was trying to lead.

The majority of the people in this earth were not born into a royal family. Some conquered the adversities of life in order to be successful. Don’t become one of those people who measure their brand of success via money. It is only normal for us to aspire expensive things. No person in the right state mind would say no to the pleasures of life. Frugal living promotes that we are rich as long as we handle our finances well every would be enough.

Life as a whole doesn’t guarantee anything. You can’t manufacture success overnight. To achieve it hard work, dedication and perseverance should be applied. Material thing makes people fall for temporary happiness that in any circumstances could never turn out to be permanent. The true happiness we seek would not elude us forever. Who knows one of these days you might find it.

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