How to lose half a stone without even a diet in sight

The art of dressing to lose half a stone is easy and I have learnt this by being one stone overweight and a very savvy shopper of 42 years of age. I know that undergarments are the best starting foundation; a great pair of breathable support knickers cannot be beaten. Even five years ago these were articles of torture and gave no accountability for perspiration or anything else. Now they’re made of breathable material, feel comfortable and can be worn all day. The most important undergarment that cannot be underestimated and that makes you look fabulous is a great bra. I think to go and get fitted for the perfect bra that fits you and choosing the style that compliments your boobs is one of the most complex shopping tasks a woman can undertake. It is on a par with buying a pair of designer jeans. Once the undergarments are in place it is then about working with your figure you are either top-heavy, plump round the middle or got ample thighs and a huge booty to match. Fabrics as well as shape make a huge difference. Do not wear shiny fabric and the biggest fallacy is perhaps about wearing bold patterns and horizontal stripes that make you look fat. This is simply not true and can be really slimming if worn in the right way according to your body shape. If you’re busty then do not try to put on round necks or polo necks. The thing to do is have a deep V and takes people’s eyes down through the cleavage and makes them look smaller. You also make sure that shoulders are much defined in any garment then this also balances out the top half. If you are round in the middle then Empire line is going to be your best friend and cannot be underestimated how it can shave off at least half a stone instantly. If the problem is ample thighs and booty then long flowing tailored trousers are a must in navy, grey or black. You can then introduce colour with the top half which balances out the bottom half. For more details on individual shapes and great tips visit my blog , see the new great ranges in autumn clothes at littlewoods online …………

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