Making Backyard BBQ Easier

Being a guest at a grand barbecue feast is a wonderful thing. All you have to do is sit back and wait for dish after dish of scrumptious food to come off the grill. You get to stuff yourself while enjoying authentic food that is better than anything that comes out of an average frying pan or oven. There really is no other form of cooking that can compare when it comes to bold flavor and juicy food. But being a guest is one thing, and actually putting all of this together is another. When you are at the helm of a barbecue meal it can be a hectic and frantic experience. You are dealing with varying tastes and preferences in addition to intense temperatures right in front of you. You have to have the skill of a maestro in order to play a symphony that combines heat, smoke, and sizzling food. Here are some tips that will make the entire process easier so all of your guests will have a great time.

Clean your equipment – everything starts with your barbecue and if you don’t keep it clean, your food isn’t going to taste right. A lot of people underestimate exactly how important a clean grill is to overall flavor. The most important tip to make the process of cleaning easier itself is to do it right after you’re finished cooking. Don’t wait a few weeks until you have to use your barbecue again otherwise you give grease a chance to build up.

Get familiar with your tools – at first glance, it might not seem like there’s a big difference between a fork and a statue of. When you’re flipping food on the grill it’s all the same anyways right? But when it comes to barbecue, it can make a huge difference what tools you use for each specific job. You can lose a lot of internal juiciness if you happen to poke into a steak or chicken leg. Take a look at the tools you have in your repertoire and make sure you know how to use each one properly.

Preheat your barbecue – one of the biggest mistakes is not keeping a careful eye on overall temperature. It all starts from your beginning point, and you have to have the patience to wait until your barbecue is ready. This is especially true if you happen to be using a traditional charcoal grill and briquettes that need to reach proper temperatures first. And if you happen to be using a modern gas grill, close the lid and use a gauge to make sure you have the right internal temperature before you start cooking.

Oil the grill – you can avoid a lot of hassles if you make sure that your grill is properly lubricated before the cooking process begins. It’s relatively easy to wipe down your grill with the touch of oil so that your food doesn’t stick, and you can even apply it to specific pieces of food as well. Just be careful that you don’t overdo it because natural juices will begin to lubricate the grill as well once the cooking begins. You don’t want to apply too much oil which can eventually drip down and cause a huge outburst of flames.

Watch your Grill at all Times – it’s absolutely essential that you are diligent when it comes to overseeing the process. Try to organize yourself so that you don’t have to step away for long periods of time. A single flareup can ruin a high-quality piece of meat, and of course you are already aware of how bad things can get if you lose total control. If you find everything is getting to hard to handle, then cut back on the amount of meat you put on your gas grills. It’s far better to slow down the cooking process and ruin the meal completely by burning everything.

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