The Meaning of the Black Jade Stone

Jade can come in many different colors. There are actually two different forms of the stone commonly called jade. These are nephrite and jadeite.

Jade can be found in white, red, orange, yellow, blue, green and many other colors. Today one of the most popular colors of jade is black.

Black jade gets its color from the presence of certain trace elements. These trace elements which give this color of jade its dark color are iron oxide, magnesium and graphite.

Black jade can be found all over the world from California and Wyoming to Taiwan, Burma, Guatemala, Canada and other areas.

When there is a high content of iron and graphite the outer appearance of this jade is black, though when seen under the right light or when there are any translucent parts a slightly recognizable green color can be seen. These transparent parts of a piece of jade are usually found around the edges of the stone in question. Most of the time there are little to no transparent parts of a black jade stone.

In a metaphysical sense the black jade meaning is one of protection, power and control of the self. It is know to protect from negativity and helps to foster and encourage the wise use of personal power. As with all black stones black jade helps to control greed.

Some sources also state that black jade is a stone which can help one purify their own energies. It is capable of discharging negative energy and to keep negative energies away from the bearer.

When black jade is held in the hand you can experience calmness and a sense of serenity. It is also said to bring out the wisdom which is hidden inside.

Black jade has water energy and helps to bring the flow of water to focus on your potential.

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