Metals – A Few Different Ways Of Cutting Metal

Creating Chips Of Metal – Cutting To Make Swarf

Cutting metal into separate parts that can be used, will be one reason that you use metal working tools. Then another way to cut would be to remove in small chippings, swarf to be left with a single piece of metal, that is all that you require. The excess metal chipped off is called swarf. You get that using any of that type of metal machine tool, such as a lathe or a milling machine, or even from files and saws.

Extreme Heat Can Be Used To Burn Away The Metal

Slice the metal in two by burning it away. Basically you get a very hot flame on an oxyacetylene torch and blast it with heat until it melts the metal, to break it apart. Welding is where you use the heat and add a welding rod to make a join instead of this burning away of metal. Burn away cutting processes would also include the laser and the plasma methods of burning.

Snipping or sawing metal by hand or with a power hand tool is the most basic of metal working. Large metal working machines can also be found that will manipulate metal by shearing, sawing or bending thicker metal. Metal can be worked upon by heavy duty machines that will make easy sawing, drilling work of the thicker, tougher metals. Machinery in the workshop are kept safe by checking with electrical safety test equipment.

Rotate the metal in the three or four jaws of a chuck on a lathe

Metal is taken off in thin layers from the metal that is spinning in a lathe, the chuck holds the metal tightly while it spins. So that the efficiency of the cutting tool is maintained it has to be cooled with a coolant. Friction is the cause of the heat. The process would also be called turning because the metal is being turned in the machine by the electric motors. Facing the object is when you are cutting the end of the metal in the lathe, otherwise you are cutting parallel to the axis making cylinder shapes.

A variable speed is important on a lathe that has to work with varying metals, and the motor have to be powerful too. The hardness or the softness of the metal such as aluminium versus steel, determines the speed the lathe works at. Softer metal means faster spinning speed. Precise controls of the carriage with a cutting tool fitted is moved to make the cut. Chamfers and bored holes can be made in the same machine , a lathe. Either taking an edge of a cornet or making a hole in the end.

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Cutting The Metal With A Computer Controller

Specialist computer software can be used with a milling machine to cut increasingly complex parts. The finished metal part is possible due to the removal of a volume of metal controlled by Computer Numerical Control. Good training of the machinists is still important even with the use of the computer controlled milling machines.

Grind Away The Metal – Be Abrasive

Using a grinder with a grinding disk suitable for the metal being cut. When shaping metal with a grinding disk you of course need a abrasive that is tougher than the metal. Grinding metal is sometimes done with industrial diamonds. Jet engines have very complex parts and specialist CNC machinery for grinding can be used for this work. Precision metal cutting and shaping tools have to be more precise than the machines that the parts are going into.

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