Mitral Valve Repair: A Durable and Effective Treatment

There are plenty of heart surgeons who rely on replacement mitral valves. This repair is done by the cardiac surgeon for treating any leakage or narrowing of this valve. This procedure is being performed more due to the fact that many of these heart surgeons feel that the replacement valves are much more durable. But, since then the mitral valve repair is gaining a lot of attention as being a better means of treatment.

Although this medical procedure was commonly used, it did have one drawback. Patients, after undergoing this type of surgery will need to take the medication anti – coagulants for their entire lifetime. But, there are no side effects with taking this medication and there are no risks at stake as well.

There is another option for those who are in need of this medical procedure, which is valves that are from animal tissue. The only negative thing about this is that the animal tissue for replacement valves wears out after several years of its usage and if the person is a younger adult, it could mean two or three more operations.

However, many surgeons feel positive about repairing this area of the body, as they believe that people with valves problems will benefit from this mitral repair, as it is very durable and does not have a lot of complications beyond surgery. This makes it a better option for patients who need some kind of treatment for this medical issue.

Some good benefits come from this procedure, such as less bleeding, fewer infections, avoids the use of blood thinners, lower risk for endocarditic, lower valve related problems, provides a better functionality of the heart and also there is a higher survival rate as well.

This type of medical procedure is becoming more widely accepted by many surgeons as a means of treatment instead of replacement. The surgery is very effective and is expected to be used even more over the next several years as a more durable and effective for treatment that will benefit the many patients that have mitral valve complications.

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  1. I had Mitral Valve Repair almost 2 years ago. Three weeks later I was doing light jogging and even resuming light spin classes. I cycle, jog, hike, and take 2-3 muscle classes and or boot camps a week. I will be 61 in january and feel at least 10 years younger. I owe many thanks to my surgeon and cardiologist.

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