Want Money From Your Music? Then You Need To…

Any one who does music wants to make money from it. I don’t care if you started doing this as a hobby and you claim to do it for the love of the music, if some one offered you a cheque to carry on performing you wouldn’t say no would you. Because of this, I decided to tell you how to make more money from your music career without music effort.

The reason I say without music effort, is because you won’t have to work music harder then the way you’re working now. You will however have to work smarter by focusing on the things that will make you the most money.

A lot of people focus on the wrong things when it comes to promoting their music. The want to know how to get facebook fans and the best way to get more online ‘friends’ who they can then promote to. This is all very well and good if you want to have a name online, but if you want to make sales and money from your music, you need to focus on some thing different!

The reality is that social media doesn’t really make money for musicians. What does make money however, is music royalties!

For those that don’t know, music royalties is money that’s paid to you for performing your music in public places. This can be in the form of you doing a live performance in a licensed venue, or having your music played on radio. If you have a lot of radio play then, you’re going to get a lot of money from royalties.

A good idea is to make a song that will get played a lot all year round or a lot once every year. That way you’ll get consistent money coming in. Now rinse and repeat!

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