New Nikon P7000 Coolpix Camera

The latest digital camera to be released from camera manufacturer Nikon is the new Nikon P7000 compact camera. This new digital camera is the best digital camera in the current Nikon Coolpix lineup and offers advanced features not found on cheaper digital cameras such as 10.1 megapixels on a much larger sensor than lesser digital cameras, full HD video recording and a 7.1x optical zoom lens that feature high end ED Nikkor glass elements for crisp and clear images and videos.

The Nikon P7000 offers one feature above all other point and shoot digital cameras and that’s full control of all shooting functions. Thanks to the design of the new Nikon camera, the rangefinder body style dictates that all common camera controls are prominently placed on the top of the digital camera body. This gives the photographer full control over manual camera settings such as aperture, ISO, white balance, shutter speed and even exposure control are just a twist of a camera dial away. Full RAW shooting mode completes the creativity as further changes to the image can be easily applied in the post processing stage.

As with any digital camera released in 2010 the Nikon P7000 offers full HD video recording as standard equipment and with the touch of a dedicated video recording button on the rear of the digital camera, you’re off shooting video on the Nikon P7000 at full HD video resolution of 720p. When you’re finished making movie with your new Nikon digital camera, it could not be easier to share your videos and movies online at popular video sites such as youtube and facebook with the included Nikon software and cables. If you prefer a cozier setting for viewing your videos just connect the Nikon P7000 to your HDTV via the supplied cables and dedicated HDMI port for viewing your videos on the big screen in the comfort of your own home.

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