When is Opening Day for Major League Baseball?

Opening day for the Major League Baseball will differ depending on the team. Opening day for your favorite team will most likely occur in April and this is usually one of the more exciting times for baseball because everyone’s favorite team is at first place. This is also a great time for people to make predictions about who they think will be winning by next year. Since this year’s results will be determined in a few weeks, here are my predictions for next years standings.

As opening day for 2012 is well on their way, I predict that the San Francisco Giants will be able to find their way back to the playoffs by winning the National League West. Though this is a tough call, it seems like the Giants are just one good hitter away from getting back to the World Series. This is a great chance for them as well as the National league only has the Cardinals and Phillies as legit contenders.

The American league will also have the Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, but I believe that the other team from the Bay Area will have a chance to finally see some action in October again. This just might be the time where the Bay Bridge series might occur again and after 22 years, this would definitely be a great series to watch. 22 years ago, the World Series was stopped because of the Loma Prieta earthquake that shocked the San Francisco bay area. The A’s went on to win the series by sweeping the Giants 4-0. Though this was the last time the A’s won the world series, the Giants were able to last year against the Texas Rangers.

The Giants are definitely built for the playoffs and with their pitching lineup, I would not be surprised to see them back in the playoffs and in the World Series. Will the two Bay Area teams finally make it back to the World Series? Or will the same team like Yankees be playing for the ring again. This will definitely be an exciting season and more people should be tuning next year as the next generation of players are finally beginning to blossom. As old players are retiring, newer players are finally finding their chance to bloom and become the next batch of all stars. Keep watching your favorite team and hope that opening day comes sooner.

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