Options for Backing Up Your Data at Home

We all store thousands of files on the internal hard drives on our computers. We may also store files on multiple computers, and have those computers connected to a network. Regardless of how many computers you own, it is important to backup your data if you wish to keep the data for years to come.

External hard drives and optical discs (CD or DVD) have been popular choices for many years. They are affordable, and easy to use. All computers can make use of these media types so there isn’t a compatibility issue.

Another option is by using a file server. A file server can act as a central repository for your files. From that repository, you can then schedule, and run on backup job to backup all your files to a new location. (source: The Storage Server – Not Just For Large Businesses Anymore). This means that regardless of how many files are on a number of computers, you simply copy the files from all the computers to a central location and perform the backup.

Of course, you can always just work off the server and not have to worry about copying the data from the computers. This reduces the effort involved in protecting your data, and the backup portion is still intact.

If you do happen to lose your data, then you must look at recovery your data from you backup copies. It may be just as simple as copy the data from your backup copy to a new location, or running an application. Whatever the case may be, you should implement a good recovery strategy (source: Don’t Lose Your Data: Create a Disaster Recovery Strategy

There are many options available to you when it comes to backing up your files. A good backup plan should always be easy to implement and easy to execute. The plan must work for you – you shouldn’t have to work for the plan.

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