The Perfect Juicers Selected for You

You may want to make yourself a healthy drink at some point, or simply want to drink a glass of juice. To help you with this, there are lots of types of juicer that you may be able to use to make one at your preferences. This, however, can be faster and more efficient if you choose to have juice extractors like masticating juicers or centrifugal juicers, like the Breville BJE510XL. The reason is that the rest of the juicers will need manual effort, different from these extractors, which are fully electronic and automated.

These extractors are basically simple electronic tools (or machines) to extract the juice out of whatever fruits, herbs, or vegetable that you may find. It has become the most efficient and simple way to do just that, not mentioning the speed. As these types have different mechanisms, so it is fair to say that these juicers will extract the juice out with their own unique way.

You will be able to use the pulp to make some pasty recipes, or simply throw it out to the trash can. An important thing to remember is that these extractors are totally different than the blenders, since they do not simply crush or grind anything to produce the juice out of its fruit.

Take a look at these three main types of juicers: the centrifugal juicer, which works by extracting the juice using blades and sieves (click here to see a good example of a centrifugal juicer); the masticating juicer, which extracts the juice out of its fruits by turning them into pulps firsthand; and the triturating juicer, which possesses twin gears that will crush and press the fruit into juice.

Between these three, the most expensive one would be the triturating juicers, since they are the machines that can produce the most juice out of a fruit in a very efficient way. In addition, this triturating juicer, as well as the masticating juicer, will be able to extract the juice from the wheat grass, while the centrifugal juicer will not be able to do this since it won’t be able to break the fiber of wheat grass.

Therefore, whenever you feel like having a healthy drink, you will be able to gain much assistance from these juice extractors by just a simple touch or a press of a button to produce your preferred healthy snack or meal.

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