Preventing Heartworm Disease in Dogs

The threat for the heartworm disease today is really quite alarming. Few years back, the heartworm disease is only common in places with southern climates. However, there is already an increase in the number of cases on about 50 states around the world. This disease is quite difficult to control since it is, in fact, a vector-borne condition. Your dogs can get infected without you knowing. With just a single bite from an infected mosquito, your pet can immediately harbor a number of heartworm larvae.

A lot of you may have tried different kinds of treatments. There are many methods to which you can treat the heartworm disease. But how will you know that the drug you are using is the right one? There are a lot of things to consider in choosing the best heartworm medicine. The no. 1 is of course the drug’s safety. Other things to consider are the effectiveness, frequency of administration and the price.

Before buying a pet medicine, it is highly advisable that you read reviews so that you will have a background on the drug that you are giving to your pets. And it will be helpful if you try to read the drug literature. In that piece of paper, you can read the mechanism of action, expected outcome, side effects, adverse reactions and everything else you need to know. Some drugs are cheap but totally not safe to use on dogs. It is indeed better to buy drugs that are a little expensive since you can be sure that your pets are safe.

As mentioned earlier, the frequency of administration is quite important too. The heartworm meds available today are usually administered once a month. But vets around the globe always suggest or advice the pet owners to give a dose every month. This is regardless of what season of the year is. The risk of infestation is present all year round, that’s why our dogs should also have a dose all throughout the year. When these instructions are followed, your dogs can really have the best protection. The most recommended heartworm drug today is none other than the Heartgard Plus no prescription.

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