Pros and Cons of Using Flea Bombs in the Home

When using a flea bomb to treat an infestation in the home, it will be necessary to vacate the house for a minimum of three hours and maybe more depending on the size of the home and the number of bombs used. Experts debate the potential harm of these flea bombs to animals and people.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Wondering how to get rid of fleas? Bombs are effective if used properly and will destroy other types of insects in addition to fleas. They will kill living fleas and release a substance called Nylar that inhibits the growth cycle of fleas for as long as two hundred days. It will take a minimum of one bomb per room in the house.

The insecticides used in these bombs can be dangerous to people and domestic animals. Vehicles should be moved out of the garage if a bomb is set off there. After the bomb has does its job, open all the windows to ventilate the entire house. Thoroughly wash all counter tops and launder all bedding including that used by any pets.

Proper Use of a Flea Bomb

Thoroughly vacuum furniture and the carpet before setting up a bomb. Give any pets a flea bath to prevent future infestation. Take all items off of the counters and close the windows. Cover fish tanks and house plants with towels. Lay out newspaper in the center of the room and place the bomb on top. Activate the bomb and leave the house immediately. As soon as you return, wrap the newspaper around the bomb and dispose of it in an outside garbage bin. Open all windows, wipe off all surfaces and vacuum the carpet and furniture again.

This should get rid of the majority of the fleas in the house. It may be necessary to spray some insecticide into crevices and corners.

Pets should be treated with flea repellent to keep the pests away. Treat outside areas with a product specifically designed for use in the garden. Choose something that contains growth inhibitors.

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