Purchasing Recreational Property Isn’t Out Of Your Reach

If you’ve always wanted to own a piece of property in the mountains that you could use as your own private campground, you really need to read this article because it includes some important tips for doing just that.  Many people make the mistake of purchasing property in settings like these to later find out that the property has provisions that will not allow this type of use.  

There’s a little area near the town of Doris California that has some really nice recreational property.  The lots that I’m referring to are zoned as recreational which means you can spend as much time as you would like in your RV without having to worry about someone telling you that camping isn’t allowed on the property.  

In the area where we live, a lot of people make a costly mistake and purchase land thinking that they will be able to use it for recreational purposes.  After they purchase it, they find out that they are allowed to build a cabin or a home on it but they are not allowed to camp on the property in an RV or a tent.

I have some friends who are named Michael and Aerial Long who have been selling properties like those that I am referring to for over 28 years now.

Not many things are easier than purchasing land from Michael and his wife.  They will carry the loan so you don’t have to stress out when it comes to trying to talk the bank manager into giving you this type of a loan.  It gets even better!  The down payments for the properties that they sell our only around $130 and the monthly payments are only around $145 to $155.

Before you go, I’d like to tell you about their website which is http://www.cheap-recreational-land.com.  If you have the time, I’m sure they would enjoy it if he would take a minute and visit their website to see if one of their properties might be suitable for you and your family.  Click here to pay them a visit today!

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