How Real Estate Investors Make Passive Income

Real estate investing has long been considered one of the best passive investments there is. Once you buy a property wholesale, fix it up, and rent it, you really don’t have to do much else besides pick up your rent checks. If you get a property manager to look after your houses or apartment buildings you don’t even have to deal with collecting payment from delinquent tenants or arranging for repairs to be made.

Many people favor stock market investing because it is even more passive than real estate investing. The problem with stock market investing, however, is that it is essentially gambling. You are entrusting your money in the hands of people and companies you don’t even know, who surely don’t always have your best interest in mind. The market for these investments are volatile and you really have no control over how much you “win or lose.”

Real estate investing, on the other hand, gives you complete control over your financial future. You decide what properties you want to buy, and by doing your due diligence correctly, you can nearly eliminate error. Real estate investors purchase property wholesale (for less that its after repair value) in order to protect themselves from fluctuations in the market.

Many people buy homes to live in and reap the benefits of appreciation. However, this is only one way to make money with real estate and should be considered “icing on the cake.”

The real way you make money is through your monthly rent checks and/or equity when you sell the house. This equity exists both because you bought the house at a discount and because you’ve made repairs to increase its value.

Many people make passive income in San Antonio by investing in real estate and there are many clubs and organizations that help investors network and learn about their business. Real estate investing is extremely popular in Texas where land is very important to people.

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