Rediscovering the Benefits of Honey

For millennia, honey was the only sweetener available to people and has always been accorded enormous importance. It was considered “food of the gods” by the Greek and Roman mythologies. Since ancient times, honey has been well-known and appreciated as a natural sweetener and food on its own. By virtue of its components, honey can provide us many benefits.

The properties of honey vary depending on the species of plants from which bees suck the pollen, from the harvest season, local environment and climate. Although honey is not subjected to heavy processing, its components, such as, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, acids, amino acids and hormones, in addition to sugars, simple and compound, will be found in the following percentages: 38% fructose, 31% glucose and 10% polysaccharides.

The simple sugars (fructose and glucose) that make up honey can be quickly assimilated by the body without the aid of any digestive enzyme. This does not happen with other sugar compounds, such as white sugar often used by us. Honey, therefore, serves to provide us with two types of energy through the immediate and the long-term assimilation of its sugar compounds. This framework gives us an idea of the immense value of honey and its significance for human health.

Since ancient times and thanks to the many substances that make it up, honey was considered useful in the prevention and treatment of various diseases. It has been used to balance the nervous system, to relieve insomnia, to regulate the intestines and help digestion. It has also been useful to achieve faster healing of wounds, and was recommended for those who had respiratory problems or heart disease.

After a period of neglect due to the discovery of sugar, again we can appreciate the virtues of honey, including its action on the metabolism, nervous system, stomach, bowel, on the respiratory system and heart. It is a pretty useful therapeutic tool for the prevention of certain diseases, given its vital contribution to enhance the body’s immune defenses. The immediate nutritional and caloric benefits of honey make it useful to anyone who is subject to considerable effort or practicing a sport regularly; you will get the advantage of strengthening the body, and then obtaining instant energy needed to carry out a physical activity.

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