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It’s funny how the simple things turn out to be the best answer to your life problems. Did you ever think that the best Tommaso Tiempo road bike will be able to take you anywhere faster than any car could?  Surely you would disagree because a road bike will not be able to match the speed of your fast car. But take note of the traffic. During this time, your car’s speed is useless because it is not able to go anywhere at all. What about the bike? It cannot be stopped by any traffic.

You can ride a bike on the sidewalk without being weird. You can even go through alleys that are off limits to cars. You can also pass through any traffic jam without difficulty due to the small frame of your bike. With all these, it is clear that the bike undoubtedly trumps the car.

This does not mean that you should not buy a car—it is everyone’s ultimate dream. However, you need to use your resources wisely so that you will be able to go anywhere anytime. If there is bound to be no traffic, then your car will be as useful as ever. But if you need to speed up and head to an emergency meeting in no time, a bike would be more useful. A road bike can also be used on a rough terrain so that you will not risk having your car broken. Fixing a car can be costly, so you should not use it on such roads.

The best Tommaso Tiempo road bike can help you manage your schedule easier. If you think that having a car solves your problems, think again. There will always be a time when your car will not be useful, and during those times, a bike can help you get through.

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