How To Runaway

If you have ever wanted to runaway from home, you have come to the right place. Here you will find important information on the pros and cons of running away as well as the necessary steps that will help you runaway.

Firstly, running away from home can be dangerous and difficult. You will have to be prepared to sleep on the street and even eat from dumpsters to survive. You could be raped, robbed, or even killed. Not to mention, you will put your parents through hell. And you will have to deal with the guilt of making them worry.

If your not dissuaded and still aspire to runaway, here is how you do it. First, you need to prepare yourself both mentally and physically. Try not eating for a few days to acclimate your body. Additionally, try and sleep out on the street to get a feel for what life will be like.

The second step is a make a thorough plan. Decide how long you want to run away for and where you will go. Save up sufficient money to make this happen. You save your allowance and sell your things to friends. However, it is important not to let anyone know of your intentions.

Finally, choose the date that you will runaway. You either want to leave in the morning after everyone goes to work or at night after your family has fallen asleep. When you leave, walk to your local bus or train station and take the first bus or train away from your town.

This is just a brief introduction to how to runaway, for more information please see, HERE. There you will find everything you will need to know if you wish to runaway and travel the world. From hitchhiking and jumping trains to finding jobs and sleeping on the street.

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