Selling Insurance as a Career

There are many advantages to selling insurance as a career. It is a growing industry with lots of potential. In addition, it’s one of those industries that aren’t affected by the larger economy. In essence, it is recession proof if you do it right.

Take the current situation for example. The world is trying to climb out of a recession and many investors are wondering what to do with their money. That’s good news for those in the life insurance industry.

There is this new thing call life insurance settlement that allows policyholders to sell their policies to investors instead of turning it for cash value. That enables people to use life insurance to financially protect their families should they pass, but if they don’t they can use it as an investment vehicle to retire on. It’s a win-win situation that has great advantages for the life insurance agent.

There is big money in insurance as well. It’s not just something that you can make a one time commission on either. As you build relationships with different clients, you can sell them multiple lines of insurance.

Let’s say you develop a relationship with a business owners when he first starts out. You sell him a cheap commercial insurance policy for his business to start out with. But then as his business grows, you stay with him and sell him additional lines. You may eventually sell a liability coverage, building insurance and even workers compensation once he starts hiring employees. Your business will grow as his business grows and you will make a lot of money on the way up.

There are many opportunities for hard workers to make a really great living selling insurance as a career. It’s one that you won’t regret. You don’t need a college degree. You don’t need to know the right people. It’s one of those rare professions where you can still be successful just on hard work.

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