Snakeskin Strapback Hats: A Unique Style

Something gets extremely popular when it’s worn by celebrities. And if celebrities like Big Sean, Jay-Z and Kanye West, rock an item; then you can imagine how desirable it becomes fans. The reason that snakeskin strapback hats have become so popular is the endorsement of these three and countless other celebrities in mainstream media.

What is a snakeskin strapback hat?

A snakeskin strapback hat is not very different from conventional baseball caps. The only difference is that their brims are made out of the skins of snakes like pythons. Many basketball and other sports stars have shown fondness towards snakeskin strapback hats.

History of snakeskin strapback hats

Many people mistakenly believe that Kanye West is the inventor of snakeskin strapback hats. Whereas in truth, it was none other than his manager Doc C. Doc C is the person who is the credited for both designing and manufacturing these hats. He was the first one to come with the idea. Even now, Doc C is widely thought of as the best brand for snakeskin strapback hat. Many fashion enthusiasts recommend Doc C if you want to get the best selection in snakeskin strapback hats. Mitchell & Ness is another recognized brand in the strapback hat industry.

In the beginning, the snakeskin strapback hats were not a commercial product. They were only produced on individual orders, usually placed by hip hop celebrities. But with the passage of time these caps grew immensely popular and so the manufacturers identified a large business potential.

How are snakeskin strapback hats made?

The most common material used for the brim of snakeskin strapback hats comes from the python of Indonesia. Hunters kill pythons and peel their skin off. Manufacturers buy these skins and treat them with different processes. When the skin is treated properly, it is sent to the final designers such as Doc C or RSVP. Then these designers, using their skill and innovation turn these skins into the brims of snakeskin strapback hats. And thus the modern craze of public is born.

Controversies about snakeskin strapback hats

Many animal rights protection organizations have raised serious concerns over skin killing. They believe that the snakes are needlessly killed to fulfill a fashion lust. Some organizations argue that these skins are obtained in the most brutal manner, the skin is peeled off alive and the snake is left to die. Some people say that skin killing should stop. But despite these happenings, the snakeskin strapback hats have grown popular at a rocketing rate.

Price of snakeskin strapback hats

The latest official price of a snakeskin strapback hat is $400. But in fashion, the prices vary all the time. You can also find affordable second hand pieces which look as good as new. Many genuine Don C pieces are spotted being sold at $100. Then there are the seasonal discount offers you should keep an eye out for.

Where to buy snakeskin strapback hats?

If you want to buy from the official channel, Doc C trades his hats through the website of RSVP. Other than that you can find these hats from various buying/selling websites as well such as

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