The Most Successful Social Games

Social networks have come a long way since the beginning of the decade when they were little more than internet chat rooms. Now the features that come with social networking sites have expanded greatly beyond their original scope. Social networks have given software developers the ability to create applications that run on the social networking platform. This means that more and more games and other programs are starting to have social elements to allow the player (or user of the application) to chat with their friends and interact with them while using the application. This ability has caused some games’ popularity to skyrocket.

By far the most popular social game on the internet today is FarmVille. This is the game that started the social gaming crazy and it is still one of the most popular games in the world today. It’s ability to draw users’ into the world and keep them there is nothing short of remarkable. Zuma Blitz is another extremely popular game. Its strength lies in the special scoreboard algorithm that helps you see where you rank in comparison to your friends.

The granddaddy of all social games is World of Warcraft. Even those who do not play video games have heard of World of Warcraft. It’s an older game, but still one of the most popular PC games in the world today. It has managed to find a niche that no other game has quite managed to fill and millions of people partake in this virtual world each and every day. The seemingly endless amount of quests keep players hooked as they try to develop their character inside this virtual world. Many gamers keep this title on the computer as they only game they will play. It has been one of the most remarkable success stories in PC gaming.

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