Teacup Chihuahua – Loyal and Skeptical Temperament

The unique physical features of the chihuahuas make them popular. Their small physique, erect ears and large protruding eyes give them a comical appearance. They have their own individuality, which makes them exceptional from the other breed of dogs. Aside from their physical attributes, there are still a lot of things that you need to know about these animals that makes them very interesting. These dogs love to be always in the center of attraction. One of their distinct characteristics is that they show an outstanding loyalty to their owner.

The teacup chihuahuas, which weigh between 2 to 6 pounds, are also called as Toy, Miniature, Standard and Pocket size. They are good companion dogs with their antics that never fail to bring a smile on their owner’s face. Chihuahuas are ideal pet for those people who live in small spaces like apartment or condominiums. With their small figure, you do not have to worry about letting them play and have their exercise. They can do both activities even when they are inside the house. However, daily exercise and other strenuous activities are not recommended for these tiny creatures because they can easily be injured.

Their masters know chihuahuas for their exemplary loyalty. As a happy owner, give them nutritious and well-balanced diet to keep them healthy and stay active. They love to be in the company of their owner. Sometimes being called as portable pets, owners love to bring them along during trips. Being overprotective is also one of their traits. They tend to woof a lot when around with unfamiliar faces. Suspicious by nature, chihuahuas prefer to be with dogs of the same breed and oftentimes become unfriendly to other domestic animals. They should be kept in a leash to prevent them from fighting with other dogs, which will only hurt them after.

Bringing home a chihuahua can be a wonderful and satisfying experience for everyone in the family. Like any other breed of dogs, they have their own distinct characteristics and negative behaviors. However, these undesirable traits can be corrected through positive dog training and reinforcement method that are being practiced by top pitbull kennels. When properly trained, these teacup chihuahuas make a good companion. With persistence, you can make them more sociable with other people and other domestic animals as well. They are often suspicious, so you need a lot of effort to try eliminating this trait, making them more friendly and loving.

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